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The Power of the Person
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Dr. Mike Perko-- National Expert on Health and Wellness

Joins InnerSight Team as Senior Executive responsible for InnerSight’s Athletic and Worksite Health and Wellness program.  Dr. Perko brings his passion for helping individuals achieve their own personal health success to bear on the InnerSight Experience™.

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"InnerSight Connects!" Says Cayla Radford, Summer Youth.

"InnerSight. To have the ability to look inside yourself. It's not just some clever name given to this program. Once you start your InnSight journey, you'll see. There is alot more to you than meets the eyes."

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WIB Selects InnerSight as Key Program Element

Upstate WorkForce Investment Board Executive Director Fesperman announced the adoption of the InnerSight Experience as a key element of their Program. 

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"Too bad they don't do this in school," says High School Senior

Will Chase a participant in the First Presbyterian Experience says, "Too bad they don't do this in school.  The InnerSight Experience really helps you focus on your educational and career options." 

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Horizon League Chooses InnerSight for Professional Development

Horizon League, one of the nation’s most effective athletic conferences, selected the custom InnerSight organizational and professional development program for league staff development.

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Kaleo Selects InnerSight

InnerSight™ selected by Kaleo, a private Christian counseling service, as the premier experience for assisting their clients in living the life to which they have been called.  

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InnerSight Presents at National Conference

InnerSight makes presentaton on Millennial Student and Millennial Parent: Aligning for Success, at the National Meeting on Students in Transition  in Columbia South Carolina

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Career Source Puts the Person in the Process

Career Source is using the InnerSight Experience to put the person in the process of job exploration. The InnerSight Experience is offered on a regular basis for qualified customers.

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First Presbyterian InnerSight Experience 

Director of Youth Ministries Scott Brown says " InnerSight is ideal for youth seeking to identify their God given gifts and talents."

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Work Force Specialists Embark on InnerSight Journey

Career Source professionals participated in the InnerSight interpretive experience to better understand what their customers would experience and to receive training in effectively using the results with their customers.

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Man on Path is a personal, professional, and organizational development experience that enables success through a tailored program that facilitates self-discovery and self-knowledge.
InnerSight is a network of credentialed professionals in fields such as psychology, education, business and personal development who are committed to helping individuals uncover a deeper understanding of their preferences and interests.

InnerSight encourages and enables personal and professional success through a tailored program that facilitates self-discovery and self-knowledge.

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Passion.  Positive attitude.  Commitment to excellence.  These are the qualities of effective learners, workers, and leaders – individuals whose personal and career choices are aligned with their preferences, interests and gifts.  

This alignment is the cornerstone of the Knowledge Age, where the greatest potential for success lies in connecting what we do and how we do it to who we are.  Seeking these connections places us on a path toward a fulfilling education, success at work and energized organizations; these rewards emerge when we release the power of the person.

Put the power of the person to work in your life and in your organization.  Explore the InnerSight Journey.

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